Assessment Design and Develop


This training is based on the SAQA-registered Unit Standard ID 115755 – Design & Develop Outcomes-Based Assessment, NQF Level 6 with 10 credits. The intention of this course is to assist companies to draw up their own assessment material.



The workshop runs over three (3) continuous days of classroom training.

Learning Assumed to be in Place

Participants who wish to attend this workshop:

  • Should have achieved the Assessor unit standard ID 115753
  • Should be competent in the field in which they want to design assessments
  • Should be able to interpret and analyse relevant unit standards

Target Group

This unit standard is for people who design and develop assessments to facilitate consistant, credible, reliable, fair and unbiased assessments of learning outcomes.

Course Outcomes

The credit calculation is based on the assumption that those entering programmes to learn towards this unit standard:

  • Have already achieved unit standard NLRD 115753 – Conduct outcomes-based assessment, or equivalent
  • Are competent in the relevant field in which they are designing assessments, or have access to subject-matter-experts
  • Are able to analyse and interpret the relevant outcomes (or standards)

After successful completion of this course, the participants shouold know how to:

  • demonstrate understanding of design principles of outcomes-based assessments
  • design outcomes-based assessments
  • develop assessment activities
  • develop assessment guides and
  • evaluate assessment designs and guides.

Unit Standard Alignment

  • 115755: Design and Develop Outcomes-Based Assessments


The assessment process will include:

  • Group work, experiental learning through designing and developing for a generic unit standard (formative)
  • Designing and Developing for a workplace related unit standard (summative)
  • A portfolio of evidence (summative) that must be completed within eight weeks after the classroom training.


After successful completion of the course and portfolio assessment, the participants will receive a certificate of competence issued and accredited by Learnership Support Systems, and a Statement Of Results from the ETDP SETA which carries 10 credits at NQF Level 6. (note that this is a long process and can take up to 10 months)

Course Outline

This training programme is unit standard-based, pitched at NQF Level 5.  The programme effectively exposes delegates to the assessment process firstly in a simulated assessment situation and secondly in a generic work related situation.  At the conclusion of this programme, learners will be equipped to conduct outcomes-based assessments in the workplace.

  • Introduction and course registration
  • The course learning activities and materials address the following:
    • understanding the consept of outcomes-based assessment
    • the impact of the NQF Principles on the design of assessments
    • the application of assessment principles in the design of assessments
    • understanding the principles when designing for RPL assessments
    • assessment methods and techniques
    • the integration of knowledge, skills and attitude in the design
    • questioning techniques
    • developing assessment guides
    • types of evidence of competence
    • special needs and assessment barriers
    • assessment design strategy
    • assessment design research
    • developing an assessment plan
    • designing and developing assessment activities and instruments
  • The summative assessment activities would include the following:
    • identifying a unit standard foor which to design an assessment
    • developing an assessment strategy
    • doing research to obtain information on the unit standard
    • developing an assessment plan
    • design and develop assessment intruments and activities
    • piloting the assessment
    • reviewing the assessment design and development
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